Welcome to The Travelberry

Welcome to The Travelberry

I’ve learned you can’t always wait around to do things until the ever elusive *someday* when you’ll have more time. I created this site as a digital scrapbook of sorts, a place to record where I’ve gone and what I’ve done, and my hope is that it will also inspire you and yours.

A Few Of My Favorites:

The American Wild West – Yellowstone National Park

South Carolina Low Country Lighthouse Tour

The Road to Hana – A Vanventure in Maui, Hawaii

Strolling Through the Squares of Savannah, Georgia

The World Could Use A Little More Jamaica – Belmont, Westmoreland Parish

Trippin’ Through the Southwest – Alien Landing in Roswell, New Mexico

Viva Peru – Backpacking in Cusco and the Surrounding Area