Strolling Through the Squares of Savannah, Georgia

Strolling Through the Squares of Savannah, Georgia


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Trip Snapshot


To check out the historic southern city of Savannah.

When We Went

February 2020.

It was bit chilly and rainy on our trip, but nothing a light jacket and pair of boots couldn’t handle.

Length of time

This was a quick weekend trip for us.


Here’s where we were:

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How We Got Around


We drove down after work on a Friday and then hardly moved the car for the rest of the weekend (we walked everywhere).

Our Airbnb had free parking on site. If you stay downtown, I’d look into this as parking may not always be available (or free).

On Foot

Downtown Savannah is one of those cities that is designed to be walked, it’s the perfect way to view the city.

DOT Shuttle

The Department of Transportation provides a free shuttle that runs almost continuously downtown. Although we ended up walking everywhere, this would have been an easy and convenient option as well.

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Where We Stayed


We stayed in an adorable home we found on Airbnb, conveniently located across the street from beautiful Forsyth Park and the DOT shuttle service.

Built in the 1870s, it’s creaky wooden floors and tasteful decor added to it’s old-time southern charm.

The housing downtown is very compact, we were in the lower unit of a two apartment home and had neighbors above us and on all sides. Despite this our stay felt quiet and private.

We had access to a shared courtyard area outside.

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Staying downtown opened up a seemingly endless list of places to grab a bite or a drink, all within walking distance from where we stayed.

Bars & Restaurants

Bayou Cafe

A two-story bar on the riverfront with live music – we stopped in for a catfish sandwich and cup of jambalaya.

Ordinary Pub

A delicious brunch spot and bottomless mimosas.

Open Container Laws

You can carry open containers in Savannah, meaning you can take your drink with you to go.

Here you can see Alex and Chase sporting their to-go-sas:

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What We Did

Strolling the Squares

Savannah has one of the largest downtown areas I have seen. The riverfront was a little over a mile walk from our Airbnb and Forsyth Park, but that entire walk was considered part of the historic downtown district.

With 22 legendary historic squares dispersed throughout downtown, walking the streets was nothing short of delightful.


A bit of a whimsical vibe, even.

Fountains took the prestigious center of some squares.

Monuments in others.

Still others showcased confederate soldiers.

Treasures and oddities from the past dotted the streets.

An old phone booth:

Disintegrating stone steps built a long, long time ago.

Sketchy back alleyways lingered behind buildings.

The list goes on.

The landscaping was immaculate, hedges and gardens were up-kept meticulously.

It was refreshing to visit a place with so much green visible in February.

Dreamy architecture was overlaid with live oaks and Spanish moss. (The moss is actually invasive, but the like oaks are a hearty bunch.)

We meandered down the ritzy Jones street, the origination of the phrase “keeping up with the Jones'”.

Buildings were accented with intricate rod iron.

A peek of a romantic courtyard could often be seen behind the fanciest of houses.

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Savannah is a port city, so needless to say there is a flurry of activity by the water.

The riverfront is full of shops, bars, restaurants, and a nice view too.

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It was about a 15 minute drive west from downtown Savannah to Wormsloe.

As soon as we left downtown we quickly reached the regular part of the city… and everything was pretty normal looking. Average. Nothing special. The charm had faded away.

When we pulled up to Wormsloe, however it was back on full force.

400 magnificent oaks line the entryway:

Wormsloe is a colonial estate that was built in 1736 by Noble Jones. It was a fortified home to guard against Spanish invaders. All that remains now are bits of the foundation, the tomb in which the family is buried, and the trees they planted while they were here.

A few of miles of trails got us up close and personal with the flora of the area.

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The Perfect Place to Waste Time

Savannah is the place to go if you feel like fooling around without a strict agenda – I was very content just meandering around and admiring the picturesque city, with a beer in my hand if I so do please.

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